Plasma glucose level decreases as collateral effect of fermented papaya preparation use.

C. Danese, D. Esposite, V. D'Alfonso, M. Cirene, M. Ambrosino, M. Colotto
Department of Clinical Science, University " La Sapienza", Rome, Italy

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Fernented Papaya Preparation(FPP) is a natural healthy food that has antioxidant action, inhibitory effect on oxidative DNA damage and tissue injury, being a potent OH scavanger.
The wide use of FPP, expecially by elderly people, made us note an unknown collateral effect, i.e., blood suger level dropping signs especially in the afternoon.
The aim of the present work was to scientificially verify the possibility that individuals, who are taking the nutriceutical FPP, might have a decrease of plasma suger levels.

For this purpose, 50 subjects, divided in two groups, were enrolled. The first group was made of 25patients: 13 females and 12 males affected by type-2 diabetes mellitus under treatment with the oral antidiabetic drug, glybenclamide.
The control group included 25 clinically-healthy subjects: 16 females and 9 males, matching in age. All subjects were given 3 grams of FPP daily, during lunch, for two months.
The results of this study confirmed the empirical experience that FPP use can induce a significant decrease in plasma suger levels in both healthy subjects and type-2 diabetic patients.
This hypoglycaemic effect, associated with clinical signs, induced the diabetic patients to reduce the dosage of their antidiabetic oral therapy ( in one patient the therapy was really suspended ).

In accordance with these results, the FPP administration is suggested as an adjuvent drug to join the oral antidiabetic therapy in type-2 diabetes meltus.


La Clinica Terapeutica 2006:157(3):195-198

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