About FPP

Instruction for taking FPP

The following is the recommended daily amount of FPP for different stress levels, based on our clinical research over 20 years.

Instruction for taking FPP

You can take FPP any time you want, since it is a food. What we recommend is to take it between meals and let the powder dissolve under the tongue before swallowing. Some contents of saccharides in FPP increase significantly when they are mixed with saliva in mouth, so immunoregulatory function of FPP would be expected to become more effective.

Adjust the amount of your intake according the level of your stress and your physical condition.

・ The amount of intake in the diagram is based on our clinical studies.
・ Please consult Osato Research Institute when you would like to conduct clinical trials with FPP.

It is confirmed in safety test that FPP would not cause any health problem even if you take 120 sachets (360g) a day. However, it is not like "The more you take, the better result you get". Please try it with your comfortable amount, starting from 1 sachet a day.

Why is it recommended to place FPP in mouth and let it dissolve with saliva?

In the clinical trial on FPP to see the effect in common seasonal respiratory tract infection conducted by Prof. Francesco Marotta (University of Milan, Italy) in 2010, FPP supplementation resulted in improvement of immunity, increase of salivary secretion, upregulation of redox gene expression from upper airway cells. Specifically, with FPP supplementation of 9g per a day during 6 weeks, salivary secretion was significantly increased, nearly double in the young age group, and the production level of IgA (biomarker of immunity) and lysozyme (enzyme with bacteriolytic effect) were increased in saliva, and SOD (Superoxide dismutase : enzyme with a key antioxidant role) and phase II enzyme gene expression were upregulated. It suggests that it will hopefully help reducing the incidence and/or severity of upper respiratory tract infection.

Published in J Biol Regul Homeost Agents. Vol. 26, no. 2, 285(2012)

Also, a basic research of the saccharides in FPP conducted by Keiko Nishida, a researcher of Osato Research Institute, showed that some contents of saccharides in FPP increased significantly when they were mixed with saliva in mouth. Specifically, maltose and maltotriose increased respectively 2.4 times and 13.1 times. Maltose and maltotriose are a kind of maltooligosaccharides, which is considered to improve enteral environment and be closely associated with immunity. Therefore, it suggests that mixing FPP with saliva in mouth will help to improve enteral environment and regulate immunity.

This research was presented in the annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Applied Glycoscience in 2010.

Since April 2011, FPP has been officially recognized as Natural Health Product (NHP) by Health Canada and been authorized to make the health claim of "Stimulates the antioxidants systems for the maintenance of good health". NHP is a category for the products between foods and drugs. In order to be recognized as NHP, manufacturers must submit application to Health Canada including information about uses, formulation, dosing, safety and efficacy together with international clinical papers as evidence. Because of the numerous clinical trials and scientific papers on FPP, its property to stimulate the antioxidant systems has been recognized by Health Canada.

We can see from the above that the effects of placing FPP in mouth and letting it dissolve with saliva are:

  • Prevention of upper respiratory tract infection and improvement of immunity.
  • Improvement of enteral environment with maltooligosaccharide, and intestinal immunity regulation.
  • Stimulation of the antioxidant systems recognized by Health Canada.

We can expect such beneficial effects of prevention of disease and maintenance of good health.
You can take 3 sachets of FPP (3g x 3) dissolving in half a cup of water, in case you are confined to bed and do not have enough salivary secretion.

Because FPP is a food, there is no risk to take FPP with other medication.
FPP is "Allergy Tested", but it doesn't mean that it won't cause any allergic reaction to anybody.

If you have diabetes...,

Please note that one sachet of FPP is 11 Kcal, which is the equivalent of less than one soup spoon of cooked rice. According to the scientific study of Prof. Packer, University of California, Berkeley, FPP has anti-oxidative function and properties for enhance immune system in the intraceller macropharge. NO (nitric oxide) is increased especially when INF-γ exists, which means immune system is enhanced. NO (nitric oxide) is known as stimulant of blood circulation. Those who have diabetes can take FPP without risks of raising level of sugar in the blood and seem to have less risks of having complication of the disease due to improvement of blood circulation caused by NO (nitric oxide).

If you worry about cavity...,

FPP doesn't have enzymatic activity in the test tube, however, being insalivated well enough in the mouth, glucose of FPP will not become a nutrient element of micrococcus mutans due to the substance of saliva.
FPP tastes sweet, but our data of more than ten years shows that we haven't had any single claim that any children or adults had cavity because they took FPP before going to sleep at night.