About FPP

Scientific evidence for the effect of FPP on Improving Absorption of Trace nutrients

Dr. Francisco MAROTTA, a professor at the University of Milan, was invited to the 4th Meeting of Japan's Complementary and Alternative Medicine Society held on November 10, 2001. He was the guest speaker for the symposium I "The Present Situation for Complementary Medicine in the Actual Medical Scene" and presented his research findings on FPP.

Effect of FPP on the improvement of cyanocobalamin malabsorption in alcohol-related liver disease patients
Alcohol intake decreases the absorption of Vitamin B12 in healthy individuals and it lowers Vitamin B12 concentration in the blood of chronic alcoholic patients. After 1 week of clinical trials with FPP supplementation, the malabsorption of Vitamin B12 became normal and the Vitamin B12 concentration in the blood was almost returned to that of a healthy individual. This suggests that FPP affects some internal factors which helps support the absorption of Vitamin B12. As FPP does not contain any vitamin B12 we can conclude that FPP must therefore help our body utilize it from our food.
We could say that this research verifies FPP's potential to restore and support our capacity to absorb necessary vitamins and minerals from our daily diet.