In the beginning of "Letters from Antarctica"

We had first met Mr. Taichi Ito, who was selected as a member of the 55,56th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition, when an O.R.I researcher, Ms. Makiko Osato, was working as a ski patrol at Mt. Yakebitai.
At that time, Mr. Ito was working as a driver as well as mechanic of snow vehicles specialized for ski slopes in a frigid winter of Shigakogen Highlands. He got to know FPP through Ms. Makiko Osato and soon developed empathy for our researches and activities.
One day, Mr. Ito visited the Osato Research Institute to report that he will be responsible for maintenance of snow vehicles in the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in recognition of his knowledge and experience.
We are so glad to know this news and congratulate for his every success in his new role.
This is how we started this blog "Letters from Antactica" to share his valuable experience.

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