About “Project ORI WINE”

Project ORI WINE

Osato Research Institute is situated in Ono-town in Gifu prefecture, renowned as the number one producer of rose seedlings as well as a leading growing region of FUYU-GAKI, called King of Japanese sweet persimmons. However, because of the aging and decreasing of farmers, it is afraid that more fields have been left lying fallow recently. Ono-town asked us if we could open a way for the effective use of increasing such idle lands. This is how we started our activity of “Project ORI WINE” in 2012, aiming for winemaking to seek for co-existence and co-prosperity with local persimmon farmers and make a place for social activities especially for the retired and elderly people.
We thought it would be nice if we can make this place for ‘a cool and stylish agriculture’ where young people and elderly people can enjoy working together. Then we established beautiful open vineyards with image of southern France’s luxuriant garden to grow total of 500 vines of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in the land of 1000 m2. What “Project ORI WINE” is trying to make is a Bio-Wine (Natural Wine) without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We would like to introduce the activities.

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