Nürburgring 24 Hours Racing

2015Nürburgring 24 Hours Racing

Nürburgring 24-Hour race 2015

The Nürburgring 24-Hour race 2015 was held from16 to 17 May in Germany.

N430 in the same livery that Rose had in its debut
This is the final race for Dr. Bez.
What will the result be?

Grid Walk taking place less than 1 hour before the start of the race

Stunning look of GT12 released in 2015

Dr. Bez after his last stint of driving in the 23rd hour of the race
 You did a great job for a long time!
From left, Mr. David King, Dr. Bez and Yuki

Victory of Dr. Bez. Yeah!!! We had been waiting for this moment for 24 hours!

Sharing a champagne toast with Mr. and Mrs. Bez
for Victory in SP8 Class, successful completion of the race,
his youth for age of 71 and partnership with Immun'Âge.

Like the day after a storm,
the circuit is quiet on the day after the race.

This year is a special year for Aston Martin, because it has been ten years since Dr. Ulrich Bez started competing at the Nürburgring 24 Hours as Aston CEO and this is the last 24 hour race for him. And coincidentally, it has been also ten years since Dr. Bez as well as his family started taking Immun'Âge. Ten years ago, the atmosphere of Nürburgring 24 Hours was more like an amateur race with so many entries. All of them were rivals, but all of them were friends at that time. In such a circumstance, Dr. Bez obligated himself to drive the Aston's new model and test it for endurance on his own before delivering it to Aston's customers. His philosophy has been continued through by Aston's new CEO, Andy Palmer. Andy also drove Aston car at the Silverstone 24 Hour race in UK on April 24-25.

On May 16, at 1:00PM which is just 3 hours before the race start, an Aston Martin Customer Parade Lap comprising 40 cars from all over Europe took place and they made it at good speed at this famous Nürburgring circuit. It was led by Aston Martin's CEO Dr. Andy Palmer driving a Vantage GT12. Chairman Dr. Bez in "Rose" started the parade from the tail end and caught up with Andy just before the goal line and passed the touch to the new CEO. It was a very smart act and very much like Aston.

My wife and I also participated in this Parade Lap. It was a beautiful race track surrounded by greenery, but the constant up and down and tight corners on the track demanded my brain to work at full-throttle all the time. I just could not believe that drivers of 24 hour race are no more than human beings like us. If you often get carsick, you would suffer from it within 20 seconds in a racing car.

This year, Aston Martin entered five cars: Vantage V8 and a pair of GT12 from Aston Martin Lagonda and a pair of Vantage GT3 from Aston Martin Racing. Japanese-born Immun'Âge presented a driver seat of the race for a Japanese driver. The result of the race was Victory of 71-year-old Dr.Bez in Vantage V8 in its class. He was the most energetic driver among all and brought this result by holding composure throughout the race. Thank you very much for these ten years, Dr. Bez!

Aston CEO, Andy and GT12, leading car of
Aston Martin Customer Parade Lap
Dr. Bez says that Immun'Âge makes him 100 time as young as he is.
Aston owners from all over Europe getting
together in front of the circuit entrance
Nurburgring_2015_4 (260x195).jpg
We also participated the parade in this Rapide
with Number Plate "AML-1", standing for
"Aston Martin, Lagonda-1"
Nurburgring_2015_6.jpg  Nurburgring_2015_5.jpg
Aston Martin+Immun'Âge displayed in the technical center          
In Nürburgring, we still need winter clothes
even in May. So Chilly!!!
On the day before the race, five Aston cars
were squashed into the pit!
With AMR Driver Stefan Mücke,
who will also race in Le Mans next month
Basking in the sun before the race
With Aston Martin's Team Director, David
With friends from BILSTEIN, Germany
Darren Turner in Car number 7
"Ready to go"
Aston Martin GT3 in the battle of Works,
24 hour full-throttle race in another dimension
During the oil checks, they would not overlook
even a smallest problem.
Taking a quick break after their pit work
At the break of day, we could see smiles on
their faces knowing the better position.

Yuki is in charge of translation as well as
sponsor when the director gves an instruction
to the Japanese driver.

With AMR Team Principal John Gaw, who will
be busy in preparing for Le Mans
Having only 30 minutes left, the pit is being
filled with mixed atmosphere because nobody
knows what would happen until the race ends,
but everybody knows that the long 24-hour
race will definitely end soon.
Immun'Âge has a good reputation for a jet lag
recovery, too. It's something you can't do
without during 24-hr race.
This is the last N24 race for Dr. Bez.
He is waiting for his very last stint of driving.
I wonder if he is in mental concentration or
simulating the race.
Time for a goal. Everybody did really Great!
Taking a commemorative photo has become
one of annual highlights.
Aston ladies from Germany, thank you for your
With members of Aston Martin Lagonda
Their average age is 60 years old!
They achieved class victory and were ranked as
the oldest team by far in all the team.
The support of Members of Aston Martin
Europe was fantastic.
Speech of Dr. Bez after his last stint as a driver
Podium for victory of Car number 48

Nürburgring 24 Hours Racing