Ski Cross Skier, Akane Atomura,
earned the spot at the National Winter Athletic Meet in Nagano

Osato Research Institute supports Ski cross skier, Akane Atomura. She took 3rd Place Podium at the qualifying event of the 72nd National Winter Athletic Meet in Nagano and earned the spot in the main event in February. The gap between the first and third was only 0.5 seconds. We are looking forward to her great performance in the main event!

20170202_ski_1.jpgPodium in the qualifying event

Ski cross is one of the most spectacular events on snow featuring thrilling head-to-head battles. Akane Atomura is training for the women's Ski Cross competition of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in Korea and takes FPP after her training so that it can help her health maintenance to recover from fatigue, cope with jet lag during the foreign events, and prevent from cold and flu.
She took FPP for this qualifying event as well and commented that FPP helped her a lot to recover from physical fatigue and she could also stay mentally calm for a good start.
The Ski event of the National Winter Athletic Meet in Nagano will take place from February 14 to 17 in Hakuba. Akane will participate in the female adult category on February 15 as a member of Nagano Prefecture team. (Hakuba Valley Hakuba Happo-One)
Please continue to support Akane Atomura and FPP!

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