Victory at Nor-Am Cup in Canada!

Osato Research Institute has been supporting Ski Cross Skier, Akane Atomura. She entered the first round of Nor-Am Cup (North American Cup)held in Canada from March 1st and Won the 1st place.

Akane ATOMURA standing in the center of the podium

Her dream is to take part in the 2018 winter Olympic and she has been using Immun' Âge since last year to keep her physical health. "Recently, I have been taking a sachet of Immun' Âge just after each ski cross race and feeling the benefit of early recovery on the following day. She said "When I increased the amount of Immun' Âge, I could feel the effect more. So I would like to take it more in the next race."
We wish this victory gave her the impetus for a lot of success in the upcoming season.