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2009Le Mans 24 Hours Racing

Le Mans 24 Hours Racing 2009



Racing for Le Mans 24 Hours has come this year again. It has been fifty years since Aston Martin's victory of Le Mans in 1959 (the current LMP1 class), and Aston Martin entered its cars numbered 007, 008 and 009 with V12 petrol engines in LMP1 class. That would be worthy of a British sports car maker to take such a challenge memorably.

In the LMP1 class, Aston Martin had to fight against nine monster cars, including three R15s and two R10s of Audi, both of which were equipped with diesel turbo engines, and four 908 of Peugeot trying to revenge the defeat of last year by all means.

These nine diesel turbo engine cars were obviously superior to speed and quietness, when compared with petrol engine cars, such as 5 seconds faster per one rap of 13.6 km at the Sarthe Circuit. The Le Mans regulations, however, allowed petrol cars to have a little bigger gasoline tank (90 litters for petrol cars and 81 litters for diesel cars).
Despite clear handicaps, existing before the race, three cars of Aston Martin showed a good fight with the 007 car finishing an excellent fourth overall - the quickest of all the petrol cars.
This year, Peugeot realized its long-awaited dream of taking first and second places in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Incidentally, the winning driver of Peugeot was David Brabham - the winning driver of Aston Martin GT1 driver in 2007 and 2008 before - has patronized 'Immun' Âge' for a long time.

During the industrial revolution started in England, the main power sources of wind and water were shifted to fossil fuels for steam engines. The global, simultaneous economic downturn undergoing these days, coupled with rapid advancement of science and technology; wind and water have been looked at as the source of energy again ironically, and as a result, car engine seems to be shifting from new typed diesel to electric motor.
It occurs to me that Aston martin will be fighting against electric cars at Le Mans in ten years from now.




lemans2009_01.jpgWith Aston Martin's Chairman -cum- Aston Martin Racing's president, David and his wife being a little nervous before the race lemans2009_02.jpgWith Jaguar XK brand manager, James
Can we see a majestic figure of Jaguar in Le Mans next year?
lemans2009_03.jpgMr. Graham from Aston Martin who was showing a big smile being surrounded by beautiful women at the reception party on the day before the race lemans2009_04.jpgIntroduction of all the drivers
lemans2009_05.jpgDriver of The 007, Jan Charouz
He is young but calm and fast.
lemans2009_06.jpgDarren Turner who is already familiar to us
and Peter Kox who has returned to Aston Martin
lemans2009_06_2.jpgSo many Aston Martin Cars in the Parking of Le Mans
After a long drive from England to Le Mans to participate in this race, the cars are quite dirty.
lemans2009_07.jpgAll the members including guests get energy to go through 24 hours by taking Immun' Âge!
lemans2009_08.jpgBreakfast before the race lemans2009_09.jpgLe Mans poster signed by the Aston drivers
lemans2009_10.jpgWith Darren's girlfriend and Sadie
Relaxing mood is important before the race.
lemans2009_11.jpgWith Dr.Bez and my family
lemans2009_12.jpgDr.Bez having Immun' Âge before the race lemans2009_13.jpgMr. Katsura vising from Peugeot booth
lemans2009_14.jpgMarketing Director of Osato Distribution Ltd, Bernard and Yuki Jr. lemans2009_15.jpgThe race is just about to start!!
lemans2009_16.jpgSun Set at the Le Mans circuit lemans2009_17.jpgVisiting the pit of Aston Martin
This year, the regulation was changed and it became difficult to visit the pit.
lemans2009_18.jpgIt is a hard work to wash the wheels
for 24 hours use!
lemans2009_19.jpgWith Gulf vice President
He is a good friend of mine.
lemans2009_19_2.jpgThe car coming back to the pit lemans2009_20.jpgThe pit crews start working as one.
lemans2009_21.jpgTrying to point out the Immun' Âge logo on the side of the big trailer shown as a technical partner, but not being able to reach it lemans2009_22.jpgWith Darren while having a little break during the race
lemans2009_23.jpgEverybody in the Aston Martin driver's tent can have Immun' Âge any time. lemans2009_24.jpgBeautifully presented Immun' Âge
lemans2009_25.jpgDarren was taking Immun' Âge before taking
over 008 for the final hours of the race.
lemans2009_26.jpgThe 007 is just about to finish the race.
lemans2009_27.jpgThe awarding ceremony was full of people. lemans2009_28.jpgParty with ORI members celebrating the fantastic resultsl
lemans2009_29.jpgRichard was also satisfied with the result, the fourth overall. lemans2009_30.jpg"Congratulation, Jan Charouz"
lemans2009_31.jpgComments from David and Dr. Bez after the race lemans2009_32.jpgParty with the pit crews after the race

Le Mans 24 Hours Racing