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The 24 Hours of Le Mans is a famous sports car endurance race held annually in June since 1923 at the Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans, France. It is such a demanding race that requires not only the ability of a car and drivers to be fast, but also the mental and physical stamina, coupled with the good team work to last over a 24-hour period.

During the two days of the race this year, from June 16 to 17, the weather was quite odd with sunshine and intermittent rains, on and off, possibly due to the global warming. All the participating teams were bothered permanently about the timing of the tire changes in response to the track conditions, which were wet in some instances and dry in others, and the drivers were required to show their additional capacity and experience more than in usual years, dealing with the constantly changeable weather. The only consolation was a moderate temperature like in England.

After a break from international car races, Aston Martin got back to the Le Mans in 2005 under Dr Ulrich Bez, Aston Martin's Chief Executive. In the last two races, although the team maintained its 1st position until a few hours before the goal, it could not gain a victory over its rival Corvette, due to machine trouble and ended up in the 3rd and 2nd positions. Then finally, at the third challenge, the Aston Martin triumphed at Le Mans with the DBR9 - number 009 - winning GT1 class victory and remarkable 5th overall for the first time since 1959.

David Brabham, Rickard Rydell and Darren Turner were the three drivers who achieved this magnificent victory. The Immun'Age healthcare team supported their conditions throughout the race (from the viewpoint of managing a high oxidative stress), as the Aston Martin technical partner. As a result, the drivers could maintain their body strength and concentration and finish the race without any mistake after the 24 hours of non-stop competition. Moreover, this year, all the six cars from Aston Martin ran the whole distance and proved its unfailing reliability.

090109_l07_01.jpgPreceding day before Le Mans race. 090109_l07_02.jpgWith Mr. David Richard.
090109_l07_03.jpgCEO Dr. Bez. who enjoyed classic car parading. 090109_l07_04.jpgProf. Okezie instructed method of sampling for ureanalysis to racing drivers.
090109_l07_05.jpg 090109_l07_06.jpg
090109_l07_07.jpgIn tension, at pit before start. 090109_l07_08.jpgTo not only Dr. Pierre and Aston Martin Racing Immun'Age drivers, but also to spectators, 24 hours is long and boring.
All people take Immun'Age.
090109_l07_09.jpgOperation at pit. 090109_l07_10.jpgWith Dr. Bez.
090109_l07_11.jpgInstant of win. 090109_l07_12.jpgWnning celebration.
090109_l07_13.jpgParticipating into research of Immun'Age, and winning car DBR9 and driver thereof.
First, with Darren Turner.
090109_l07_14.jpgSecond, with David Brabham.
090109_l07_15.jpgLast with Rydell.

Le Mans 24 Hours Racing