Le Mans 24 Hours Racing

2008Le Mans 24 Hours Racing

Le Mans 24 Hours Racing 2008

The 76th Le Mans 24 Hours race was held on 14th and 15th of June at the La Sarthe circuit. One year after their first win in 2007, the 009 DBR9 of Aston Martin claimed another victory in the GT1 Class.

The Aston Martin started the race in good form with temperature of 8 to 20 degrees centigrade, which was as mild as that of England, their home county. In 12 hours after the start, however, it rained quite heavily and it was never an easy race. The 009 car crossed the finish line just under 5 minutes ahead of a second placed, Corvette. The difference was only one circuit run.

At Le Mans 2008, all the members of 009 DBR team including drivers and pit crews took FPP. And then, let me be allowed to say that the drivers, car, and all the team members not only formed a firm unity but also accomplished a great achievement of the two consecutive years wins.The Aston Martin continues to try their limits by always introducing the latest technology, and they never forget that the most important is to add their proficient handmade skills, leaving something special with their cars in the pursuit of Le Mans goals.

090109_l08_01.gif At reception, preceding day before race 090109_l08_02.jpgSnapshot with Sadie Aston Martin Racing.
090109_l08_03.jpgWith racing drivers Mr. Daren Turner and Mr. Suzuki. 090109_l08_04.jpgCap `Immunage` of Turner looks good.
090109_l08_05.jpgSophistcated Aston Martin Racing prefabricated house assembled at site. 090109_l08_06.jpgBooth of Immun'Age, decorated neatly.
090109_l08_07.jpgTensional instant just before race, despite it, driver manages to show smile. 090109_l08_08.jpg
090109_l08_09.jpgAfter long while, meets again with Dr. Bez. 090109_l08_10.jpgCheerful Dr. Pierre.
090109_l08_11.jpgNear time to start. 090109_l08_12.jpgTension before start.
090109_l08_13.jpg 090109_l08_14.jpg24 hours is long.
090109_l08_15.jpgCrash helmet named with Immun'Age also takes rest. 090109_l08_16.jpgSupporting crews take rest too.
090109_l08_17.jpgOnly 30 minutes remain until win, everyman is fluttering. 090109_l08_18.jpgFinal pit in.
090109_l08_19.jpgInstant of win 2 years in row. 090109_l08_20.jpgShare delight with Dr. Bez.
090109_l08_21.jpgNice smile of couple Mr. and Mrs. Richard. 090109_l08_22.jpgHayashi family with couple Dr. and Mrs. Bez.
090109_l08_23.jpgAward ceremony. 090109_l08_24.jpgThanks for so much efforts.
090109_l08_25.jpgOn face of Darren in relief, trophy shining.
Curtain 2008 Le Mans has fallen.

Le Mans 24 Hours Racing