We all worked hard for pruning and training of the vines.

We would like to introduce one of our activities of PROJECT ORI WINE.

We could see many flowers of the grape vines blooming fully and they started forming tiny green grape berries again this year.

At this time of the year, we train vines by tying shoots to stakes or wires and prune them by removing unnecessary leaves to improve airflow around the grape berries.


Grape berries are still green and tiny.


Removing unnecessary leaves and buds carefully not to damage grape berries

Improving airflow will help the vines grow better and reduce the incidence of diseases.

2019.06.11_WINE3.JPGpre-work meeting 2019.06.11_WINE4.JPGChecking carefully not to prune it incorrectly

We all worked hard together!

2019.06.11_WINE6.JPGWe hope that small vines will grow bigger.

The before

2019.06.11_WINE8.JPGThe after

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