Lectures on grow grapes by a specialist from University of California, Davis

The Osato Research Institute (ORI) were asked by the local government office for advice on effective use of idled plots in Ono-town, which are increasing with aging of the farming societies, and launched a project called "Project ORI WINE" aimed at making a good use of local elders as well as making life more livable for them and started growing grapes.

It has been 3 years this spring since we started growing grapes. We invited a viticulture specialist, Mr. Joaquin Fraga from UC Davis, a leading University of research in viticulture and enology, and learned how to grow grapes in earnest.

150405_1.jpgChecking vineyards with Mr. Fraga

150405_2.jpgLecturing on grape pruning

Mr. Fraga flew to Japan on April 5th and on the following day he went straight to the vineyard to check the soil and grape vines and kindly showed us how to take care of grape vines. Mr. Fraga explained to us that we have lots of work to do to establish a good base for the future harvest.

Mr. Fraga showed us how to prune the vines and we actually started doing it ourselves. We carefully pruned the vine with the aim to grow strong trunk and to have balanced shoots. He taught us that it is important to keep the root crown area clean because humidity is an enemy to grape vines. So we all worked very hard weeding around them.

After pruning and weeding, the vineyards looked so tidy and beautiful in unity and we felt really good having accomplished something. Mr. Fraga stayed in Gifu only for about a week, but we could learn many things for this short time. We would like to keep learning by sending him reports regularly.

We are looking forward to seeing the growth of grapevines as well as success of "Project ORI WINE".

150405_3.jpgPruning each grapevine carefully after
receiving detailed explanation
150405_4.jpgWorking all together for pruning and weeding!
150405_6.jpgWishing them to grow strongly! 150405_5.jpgChecking the soil with a serious look
150405_7.jpgThe vineyards are now looking so tidy
and beautiful.
150405_8.jpgMr. Fraga discussing future plan
with Mr. Hayashi, ORI president

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