Grape Harvesting

It's time to harvest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay this year!

Pinot Noir




It is not easy to determine when to harvest grapes. We have to check the growth carefully, measure Brix and pH and check weather conditions every day. Based on these various conditions, we decided to harvest Pinot Noir on August 21st and Chardonnay on August 29th.

On the day of harvest, everybody worked together for picking, selecting and pressing grapes. The volume of the harvest was almost 15 times as big as it was last year! We could see it as a sign of hope, although it is a reckless challenge to make bio-wine with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in hot and humid conditions.

This year, we kept the growth record of grapes every day and gathered feedback from those information. We are so relieved and happy that we could have a good harvest as the result of our passionate efforts.

Harvesting staff

20170908_wine_3.jpg 20170908_wine_4.jpg
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Harvested Grapes
These are only a part of the whole harvest !

20170908_wine_7.jpg 20170908_wine_8.jpg
20170908_wine_9.jpg 20170908_wine_10.jpg

Selecting good grapes by hand

20170908_wine_11.jpg 20170908_wine_12.jpg
20170908_wine_13.JPG 20170908_wine_14.jpg


20170908_wine_15.jpg 20170908_wine_16.jpg
20170908_wine_17.jpg 20170908_wine_18.JPG
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The pressed grape juice of Pinot Noir had a refreshing sweetness with rich flavor. That of Chardonnay tasted fruity and very sweet!
We also made grape juice by boiling grapes and enjoyed the taste all together.

Extracted juice by boiling
It was sweeter than pressed juice and we enjoyed the different tastes.

20170908_wine_21.jpg 20170908_wine_22.jpg
20170908_wine_23.JPG 20170908_wine_24.jpg

It was pleasure to enjoy such rich flavored grape juice this year and we are looking forward to tasting our own wine someday.
The Good harvest made us feel that we are stepping forward to our dream of wine making!

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