Icebreaker "Shirase" left Tokyo.

On November 8, 2013, the Icebreaker "Shirase" left Tokyo for Antarctica for the 55th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition and a ceremony was held on such a beautiful sunny day without any cloud in the sky.

With Mr. Ito in front of "Shirase"

Five members from Osato Research Institute including Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi attended this ceremony.
Before starting the ceremony, we got a permission to see the facilities if the vessel.

Mr. Ito and a family of Mr. Hayashi
With crews of "Shirase"
4 (260x173).jpg
Visiting the facilities in "Shirase"
 5 (260x146).jpg
Asking questions to a chief-operator

The ceremony started at 10:00 AM with performance of the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force Musical Band.

6 (260x146).jpg
Musical band standing in neat rows
 7 (260x146).jpg
Moment of boarding

After the musical performance, the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force boarded to the vessel in sober atmosphere and some of the top officials made speeches to send off.

8 (260x173).jpg
The ceremony was held at the rooftop heliport of "Shirase"
9 (260x146).jpg
Send-off speech

After everybody but crew members came ashore, next ceremony was held by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology.
Mr. Hidaka, Captain of "Sirase", and Mr. Miyaoka, captain of the Expedition, were presented flower bouquets. They made farewell speeches and closed the ceremony.
The icebreaker "Shirase" departed Tokyo being sent off by so many people.

10 (260x146).jpg 
Presenting a flower bouquet to Captain/td>
11 (260x146).jpg
Farewell speech

12 (260x173).jpg 
Standing on the deck with rainbow bridge behind
13 (260x173).jpg
Container with the logo of "Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition"

14 (260x173).jpg 
Tremendous Impact of close look of "Shirase"
15 (260x173).jpg
Members of the 55th JARE

16 (260x173).jpg 
Together with the president of Kimura
Corporation to which Mr. Ito belongs
17 (260x173).jpg
Just before departure
18 (260x146).jpg 
eparting "Shirase" with music of
"Auld Lang Syne" played by the Japan Maritime
Self-Defence Force Musical Band.

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