Boarding Icebreaker "Shirase"

On November 3rd, 2013, we went to the Japanese icebreaker "Shirase" to help Mr. Taichi Ito, who was leading his goods at the Oi boating dock.


The mast of "Shirase" can be seen from a distance because it is such a huge vessel.

DSC01874.jpg Japanese Icebraker "Shirase" DSC00175.jpg
Not being able to step on board without permission of Tokyo Customs since it can go abroad


We were actually struck by the size, which was beyond description. It was too big to fit into a photo.

We could step on board to this huge ship with permission of the Tokyo Customs.


kannai_04.jpg kannai_06.jpg

kannai_05.jpg DSC01897.jpg


It's so huge inside as well. We had to follow Mr. Ito not to get lost in the vessel.

kannai_01.jpg kannai_03.jpg


At last we arrived to his room in the vessel. He was steadily advancing the preparation for the expedition.

kannai_02.jpg ImmunAge2.jpg


After helping him loading, we had a break for a cup of tea together. He chatted over Antarctica which is beyond our imagination.


This is a cool-looking snap shot of Mr. Ito in the uniform with Immun'Age logo in front of "Shirase".

We wish him a success of work in Antarctica.

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