Luncheon Seminar and Booth Exhibition at 47th annual conference of International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine

Osato Research Institute (ORI) conducted a luncheon seminar at the 47th annual conference of International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine held in Tokyo from April 27th to 29th, 2018 and made a presentation under the title "The role of FPP (Fermented Papaya Preparation) in Super - Aging Society".

We really appreciate attendance and participation of many doctors and medical professionals in this seminar and their interest in our FPP researches.


In the seminar, we introduced ORI's activities to seek for cutting medical costs through Preventive Medicine in aging society. The points of the presentation were (1) "Preventive Education", (2) "FPP Researches" and (3) "Improvement of QOL for senior generation" for Disease prevention.

For (2) "FPP Researches", we explained the reason why FPP was thought to be effective for dementia, by introducing FPP clinical researches on brain from our numerous researches, which we have been involved for more than 20 years, since we think it is most cost effective to prevent dementia in this super aging society.

As a basis of this idea, we introduced our research using FPP on T2DM patients, presenting that FPP may have properties to improve mitochondrial energetics and increase cellular energy in the form of ATP as well as improve respiratory burst and these properties of FPP may lead to improve cognitive functions.

Further, we explained about FPP's unique function by quoting our research data to show that FPP works on antioxidant systems and reduce ROS when we have excessive ROS, and it also works on immune system and promote ROS production when it is necessary.

For the latter part of the seminar, we introduced our activities using various photo and videos; Aids Prevention as a part of (1) "Preventive Education" and Project ORI Wine as a part of our joint development project with Ono-town and (3) "Improvement of QOL for senior generation".

Lastly, we expressed our wish that combination of Orthomolecular Medicine and FPP treatment for activation of body function and preparation of body condition can produce good synergies. And we finished the presentation by introducing that FPP is actually used at "Simms / Mann - UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology" in USA for helping cancer patients recover comfortably before and after surgery.

We had many guests at our exhibition booth asking a number of searching questions after attending the luncheon seminar. Some of the doctors we talked with at the booth showed their strong interest, saying that they would like to try FPP themselves, or they would like to use FPP in combination with their clinical treatment. It was also an invaluable experience for us to learn about patients' needs and medical practices from the doctors.

We would like to continue to join conferences like this to enhance our public relations activities on FPP and absorb useful knowledge ourselves. Thank you for everyone involved in giving us this opportunity and those who attended our luncheon seminar and visit our exhibition booth.

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