Good news for the treatment of Electrohypersensitivity or prevention of Dementia! Method for Treating Electrohypersensitivity with FPP was Patented in the US.

On May 4, 2021 "METHOD FOR TREATING ELECTROHYPERSENSITIVITY WITH A FERMENTED PAPAYA PREPARATION" got registered as a Patent (Patent No.: US10,993,980 B2) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

This patent is based on the FPP clinical study1) using FPP for "Electrohypersensitivity(EHS)" self-reporting patients by Prof. Dominique Belpomme of Paris University, France and the effect of FPP on EHS was evaluated using pre-established questionnaire, blood tests and measurement of mean PI in the temporal lobes by using ultrasonic cerebral tomosphygmography (UCTS).


Prof. Belpomme's research paper published in "Functional Foods in Health and Disease"

1)Beneficial effects of a Fermented Papaya Preparation for the treatment of electrohypersensitivity self-reporting patients: results of a phase I-II clinical trial with special reference to cerebral pulsation measurement and oxidative stress analysis

■Background of the Patent Registration
Nowadays, electronics and communication are essential to modern life and we are surrounded by electromagnetic waves emitted from a wide range of devices, such as smartphone, PC, Wi-Fi, microwave oven and washing machine etc. Some people suffer from certain symptoms such as headache, tinnitus, fatigue and impaired concentration, which are generally called "Electrohypersensitivity (EHS)". The symptoms are different depending on each patient, and some are suffering from difficulties even in their daily lives.

It is currently difficult to prove link between symptoms of EHS and exposure to electromagnetic fields scientifically and conventional medical approach can only go so far. On the other hand, the purported symptoms are real and most of them are suffering from oxidative stress, inflammation and autoimmune response, and it is necessary to establish diagnosis and treatment methods for those who suffer from complex symptoms. Therefore, Prof. Belpomme, who is a leading expert in this field, validated scientifically the influence of FPP to the brain of EHS self-reporting patients in his clinical study and confirmed their improvement in cognitive functions, symptoms like insomnia and fatigue.

■Possibility of FPP
In Europe, especially in Sweden, electromagnetic wave is considered as health risk for human body and controlled with stricter safety standard compared to Japan. In addition, COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we work, learn and interact. It is afraid that we have more health problems such as EHS because we spend more time to watch videos or play online games using smartphone or PC at home due to refraining from going out for such a long time.

Under these circumstances, it was a great news for those who suffer from various symptoms while being exposed to an electromagnetic field that FPP was registered by the USPTO as "Method for Treating Electrohypersensitivity" since there exists no treatment with conventional medicines at the moment. In clinical study of Prof. Belpomme, FPP improved the regression of cognitive symptoms such as loss of short-term memory, and concentration and attention deficiencies; and insomnia and fatigue of EHS self-reporting patients. This clinical improvement was objectively supported by the result of a statistically significant recovery of cerebral blood flow, measuring mean PI in the temporal lobes using UCTS. Impaired cerebral blood flow is one of the reasons of dementia, therefore it is also expected that FPP may help prevent not only EHS but also dementia.

The Osato Research Institute would like to proceed with investigate mechanism of FPP's clinical improvement and focus on our study for prevention of dementia in this super-aged society, hoping that we can contribute to establish treatment of various diseases from environmental factors such as EHS or chemical sensitivity that would increase more and more in the future.