Project ORI Wine Appears in the Magazine "ENGINE"

"Project ORI Wine" provided us with a rich harvest. It is an agricultural project carried out by the Osato Research Institute (ORI) to save medical cost in this super aging society. After seven-year of hardship, we succeeded in making 50 bottles of Pinot Noir Bio wine for the first time.


The story of Project ORI Wine has also been introduced in 2020 January Issue of the Magazine "ENGINE"

2020年1月号 ENGINE 原稿.jpg

The title of the article is "Wine-making to help local elderly people towards enjoyment of their life each worth living. This is Pinot Noir made in Ono town, Gifu Prefecture, JAPAN!". It introduces how we started the project and cultivated the vineyards, as well as how we enjoyed the tasting of the very first Pinot Noir wine.

The ORI president Mr. Hayashi received an interview for this article and described his feeling towards this project. His interview is as follows:

"We produced about 50 bottles of wine from the Pinot Noir harvested this year. Admittedly, they are not many, however, resulting from our constant hard work, such as pruning and weeding, of our staff with help of local people. We did not depend on pesticides, but we were willing to work hard every day to take care of vines. This Pinot Noir wine was not made by a miracle, but through devotion with blood and tear of all the people involved in this project."

"Our aim is to provide local senior people with a place to work in a pleasant environment. For the most of retied elderly people, there are few opportunities to interact directly with the community, and they become less active feeling that they are not contributing to a productivity any more. We thought if local seniors could work together for a fun in the vineyard, it would be also of some help to maintain their health. There may be a case later when they enjoy wine tasting, that is good for the sake of neighbourliness to be developed, and if we are provided with any surplus, we will put it on a charity exhibition, as we are not interested in having a commercial purpose, anyway, to produce and sell many wine bottles, to start with."

DSC00411.JPGLocal seniors participated in growing grapes. DSCF5692.JPGAll our staff participated in pruning grapes.

"ENGINE" January issue is available at major bookstores throughout Japan. Please take a look at the article if you find the magazine at a shop.