How to Boost Your Immune System with FPP
- The Key is Activation of Mitochondria! -


As COVID-19 pandemic seems to be a never-ending story, we have often been receiving questions on how to avoid infection. Our answer based on many years of research and study on FPP's function is that it is important to activate mitochondria to boost your immune system for prevention of infectious diseases.

In consideration of current circumstances, most of people take necessary countermeasures against infectious diseases. However, even when spending time in the same space in the same way, some people are susceptible to infection while others aren't. Some people get severe symptoms while others suffer no symptoms or just mild ones. Why? One of the reasons is that we all have different level of "immune functions".


Our body has two main immune systems, which are innate immunity and acquired immunity, to remove foreign invaders such as viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. We all are born with innate immunity, which is a system we inherit from our parents. Acquired immunity is a system that attacks specific pathogens that cannot be eliminated by innate immunity. After an encounter with a specific pathogen, a memory of the pathogen as well as antibodies and immune cells are created for future invasion. Thanks to these immune systems that protect our bodies from invaders, we can stay healthy. Therefore, it is also important to prevent aging of the immune function, which declines with age. In recent years, numerous studies have revealed that mitochondrial activation plays an important role in immune function.



Mitochondria are organelles in the cells, known as "the power plant of the cell". When mitochondria produce enough energy in the form of ATP for cell activity, our immune cells, also can work properly to detect the entry of invaders such as viruses. On the contrary, when mitochondria fail to produce enough energy, our immune cells also cannot be active and our immune function would be decreased.



What does the mitochondria need in order to make sufficient energy? The answer is exercise, sleep, and a well-balanced diet. However, in modern life, due to lack of physical activity, insomnia and unhealthy eating habits, maintaining the quantity and quality of mitochondria is difficult, leading to a lack of available energy for cell activity.


Key factors for mitochondrial energy production


A series of our research has demonstrated that FPP activates mitochondria. On 14th of September 2018, the invention related to FPP was patented as "ATP Production Promoter, Mitochondrial Activity Promoter, and Immunostimulant (Patent Number: 6401792) "by the Japanese Patent Office. This patent is based on clinical research which has shown that FPP improved immune function and ATP production in mitochondria of diabetic patients with decreased immunity, which means that FPP improved their energy production.


To maintain immune functions, quality sleep, moderate exercise and well-balanced diet are vital. Why don't you try to incorporate FPP which activates mitochondria as one of healthy habits into your dairy life?

Note) The functionality of FPP has been proven in "Does oral supplementation of a fermented papaya preparation correct respiratory burst function of innate immune cells in type2 diabetes mellitus patients?", Antioxidants & Redox Signaling 2015, published by one of the inventors of this patent, Prof. Chandan K. Sen's team at the Ohio State University in U.S.