Secret of being so active is Immun' Âge


This year Mr. Masaaki OKA, the advisor of Osato International, Inc., celebrated his 88th birthday, which is supposed to be a very happy and significant occasion for the Japanese lifespan.

Mr. Oka has been taking a packet of Immun' Âge (FPP) every day for more than ten years and still continues to work energetically. He is active enough to travel back and forth between Tokyo and Gifu and even do computer works, if needed, till late at night quite often.

Mr. Oka, seemingly earnest to embody our ideal goal of "increasing healthy elderly people who can continue to work actively in this elderly society by preventing from disease, mindful of anti-oxidative, immune and inflammatory systems against aging weakness".

It's amazing to see how active he is, and we all would like to mark and surpass him in future.