Donation to Ashinaga Foundation to Support Orphaned Students Suffering from Impact Caused by New Coronavirus

The Osato Research Institute and the "Ashinaga", non-profit organization providing educational support for orphaned students, have been interacting through charity activities for many years.

Ashinaga heard that due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, Ashinaga students have been suffering a decrease in income of their parent or their own part time jobs. In order to support those who are having trouble with their daily lives, they started to give an emergency assistance of 150,000 yen to each one of the 6,500 Ashinaga students on April 28, 2020.

Osato Research Institute donated 1 million yen to the Ashinaga Foundation, hoping that it may be of any assistance to their speedy action prior to that of the government.

We hope that its circle of support for the Ashinaga students who were affected by the pandemic of the New Coronavirus will expand and be of some help to their lives and studies.


Ashinaga Family Special Issue for New Coronavirus