Aston Martin Racing Le Mans 2007 Follow up of Oxidative Stress of 3 racers (DBR9N゜ 009) during 24 Hours race

Aston Martin Racing Le Mans 2007

Follow up of Oxidative Stress of 3 racers (DBR9N゜ 009) during 24 Hours race

Two drivers on three were supplemented with Immun'Âge FPP Three sample of urin were collected :- one before race- one at middle race- one after raceTBARS, MDA, Carbonyls and protein level had been analyzed.

MDA, TBARS and Carbonyls levels are increased during the race for all 3 drivers showing that 24 hours car race is an exhausting physical effort. Average increase for the 3 drivers are 3,8 fold for MDA, 3,4 fold for TBARS and 7,2 fold for Carbonyls.

The results of the two supplemented drivers shows that FPP significantly protects them against increase of oxidative stress comparatively of the non supplemented driver.

Even if the number of participants was little, only 3 drivers ofthe same car AMR DBR9 N°009, the difference of oxidativestress parameters level at end of race between thenon supplemented driver with the two other is important.We could also notice that even if the non supplemented driver had the lowest basic level of oxidative stress parameters, at the end he shows the highest one.The difference was an higher oxidative attack for nonsupplemented driver of: - 2,5 fold and 2 fold higher for MDA and TBARS which means an higher attack on lipid compounds of cells (main compoundsof cell's membranes)-5 fold for Carbonyls which means an higher attack on protein compounds of cells (main compound of structure compounds of cells and of enzymes)-This could result to higher fatigue and more muscle's oxidative attack (stiffness, cramps.)Supplemented drivers could experience less fatigue, a quicker and a better recovery during and after such exhaustive effort. This trial confirm other previous trial on Paris-Dakar driver Philippe Gache and our last trial on a best and quicker recovery by help of FPP on high level sportsmen after surgery.(CERS :European Center of Sportsmen Recovery, Cap Breton, France)Like we have already shown with previous clinical trials where oxidative stress was important, Immun'Âge FPP is a natural non doping food supplement able to protect the body against oxidative stress for sportsmen who pratice sports with exhaustive efforts. Endurance car racing is one of them.