Research Results

2022/01/18Research Results

Stefano Fais's New Article on Both of Anti-tumour and
Anti-ageing Effects of FPP.

Prof. Stefano Fais is Head of Research at the Department of Oncology and Molecular Medicine at the Italian National Institute of Health (NIH). He specialises in Gastroenterology and General Pathology and has also been involved in a number of research fields including mucosal immunity, AIDS, exosomes, and diseases. He summarized recent data on the use of FPP® in tumour treatment and in controlling ageing at the molecular level. You can read this article in Research OUTREACH Issue 126 Page 70.

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■Oral Administration of FPP Controls the Growth of a Murine Melanoma through the In Vivo Induction of a Natural Antioxidant Response

Beneficial Effects of Fermented Papaya Preparation
(FPP®) Supplementation on Redox Balance and Aging in a Mouse Model