Welcome Reception for President of Whittier College

20170911_Whittier_2.JPGWelcome Reception for President Sharon

On 11th of September 2017, we held a welcome reception for President of Whittier College at Iwasaki Koyata Memorial Hall of the International House of Japan in Tokyo, inviting alumni and friends.

Whittier College stands on a hill overlooking the town of Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 1887 and celebrated its 125th anniversary last year. Students studying there are enlightened with the importance of life-long learning journey instead of graduation. It has produced a number of political and business leaders and many graduates are playing active roles around the world. Osato Research Institute (ORI) has been related to Whittier College, as the ORI president, Mr. Hayashi is one of the trustees in charge of 'college administration', having his daughter Miss. Makiko Osato as an alumna (graduated 2010), too.
The reception started Opera Aria of young musicians graduated from the Tokyo Universtiy of the Arts Graduate School to welcome about 60 guests including President Sharon Herzberger, vice-president Steve Delgado, and Whittier alumni. After speech of Dr. Sharon Herzberger and Mr. Yuki Hayashi, everyone enjoyed chatting at dinner. At the end of the dinner, Sharon gave a brief update about the college and explained about the new Science and Learning Center, which completed in 2016. She introduced a plan for a scholarship program for Japanese students who want to study at Whittier College but do not have enough financial support. Many guests there were impressed with her thought and offered donation for it.

From left, Yuki (ORI president),
Sharon (Whittier president)
and Steve (Whittier vice-president)


Whittier College goods were available
for the guests at the reception desk


Opera Aria
From left, Yui Hirao(Pianist), Sho Hamada (Ten.), Yu Takahashi (Sop.),
Nana Tokuyama (Sop.), Yuji Fujisaki (Ten.)

20170911_Whittier_6.JPGSharon's speech 20170911_Whittier_7.JPGYuki's speech
20170911_Whittier_8.JPGPleasant conversations with those gathered. 20170911_Whittier_9.jpgExplanation about Science & Learning Center

20170911_Whittier_10.JPGThe reception was full of smiles