Current "Marathon Man"

FPP (Immun' Âge) supports Mr. David Redor who attracts attention as "Marathon Man" in U.S.A.
He is now challenging to run and finish within the cut-off time 52 marathons held in each of the 50 states of the United State of America, Washington DC and Nassau (Bahamas) within 52 weeks starting January 1, 2016 and to list this achievement in the Guinness Book of Records. We would appreciate your support and message to encourage his challenge with Immun' Âge.:
David Redor our marathon man makes successfully his 33rd Marathon of 2016:
He is in good health and will do one of the hardest marathons of the world at Pike's peak marathon on August 21 where only 800 participants are qualified. It is only climbing during around 5 hours and at an altitude of 2000m high.