Oxygen Club of California (OCC) Meeting


From May 7th to 10th , 2014, Oxygen Club of California (OCC) Meeting was held at the University of California Davis (UC Davis), which is near the Napa Valley and famous worldwide for Viticulture and Enology.

The meeting was held to understand the connection between food and human health at a molecular and cellular level and many studies were presented on how to balance oxidative stress by food which is a cause of chronic disease or illness.

The UC Davis has the Mondavi Center Studio Theater, which is named after Robert Mondavi, famous vineyard operator family of Opus One and serves as various world-renown musical concerts.

The Osato Research Institute was requested by OCC to produce piano-duo concert by Mr. and Mrs. Ota. The concert was held at the Mondavi Center from 7:00PM on May 9. Their performance with two Steinway Model D concert grand pianos was so impressive.
All the scientists, who attended the meeting from all over the world, could be freed from the strain and enjoy the perfect harmony played by the couple.

Piano Concert Program

2_2014.OCC.CharityPianoConcertProgram.jpg3 _2014.OCC.MessagefromORI_English.jpg

2014.OCC.1.jpgThe day before the concert,
final arrangement with
Mr. and Mrs. Ota
2014.OCC.2.jpgReunion with old friends,
Prof. Lester Packer and Prof. Chandan Sen
2014.OCC.3.jpgU.C. Davis Campus 2014.OCC.4.jpgVineyard inside the Campus
2014.OCC.5.jpgBeautiful green vineyard
in the early-summer sunshine
2014.OCC.6.jpgZero-emission winery of the University
using solar power and recycling rain water
2014.OCC.7.jpgOpus One with University professor
showing around the winery
2014.OCC.8.jpgWine brewing apparatus
2014.OCC.9.jpgFirst time to see how
artichokes are growing
2014.OCC.12.jpgMany animals and birds are seen
in the natural park inside
the U.C. Davis Campus.
2014.OCC.11.jpgMr. Squirrel who lives in the Campus 2014.OCC.10.jpg
2014.OCC.13.jpgMondavi center studio Theatre 2014.OCC.14.jpgPlaying one piano together as an encore
2014.OCC.15.jpgTaking a commemorative photo together
with Prof. Lester Packer and his wife
2014.OCC.16.jpgTwo pianists with Californian green forest
in their background
2014.OCC.17.JPGAt the Gala dinner after the concert,
the organizer of the OCC meeting also looked so satisfied
with the great piano performance and delicious dinner.