Paul Ricard Testing

2009Paul Ricard Testing

Paul Ricard Testing 2009

Aston Martin Racing Dinner & Experience Paul Ricard, France, 8 & 9 March, 2009/03/17 Aston Martin, which is winner GT1 class of Le Manns 24 hours Race for 2 years successively until last year, targeting victory at overall sector after 50 years absence, launched to conduct test run of New Machine LMP1 at Paul Ricard Circuit, France, 8, 9 March, 2009.

Participated with 6 drivers of 2009 team, and also partners thereto, though it was clear sky, Mistral which is endemic gale was blowing intensely, regardless, machine displayed full full performance howling voluptuous sounds.

Compared to diesel engine equipped machine of which performance is of overwhelmingly, Aston Martin thoroughly persisting "Power, Beauty, Soul", with gasoline engine 12, Aston Martin commenced to challenge race.
Also, opportunity of exchange was held, not only racing drivers but also people participated into race had come to having interet on " Immun' Age " a lot.

Paul Ricard Testing(2009)At meeting with partners,
Mr. David Richards said greeting.
Paul Ricard Testing(2009)Toast with Team drivers, 2009,
Paul Ricard Testing(2009)With Darren, who is always cheerful and smily. Paul Ricard Testing(2009)With 2009 Team drivers,
RAMOS, PRIMAT and Dr.Pierre.
Paul Ricard Testing(2009)Car number 009 under pit - in. Paul Ricard Testing(2009)Logos Immun' Âge and MICHELIN, visible slightly.
Paul Ricard Testing(2009)Feeding gasoline... Paul Ricard Testing(2009)It is time to start!!
Paul Ricard Testing(2009)2009, Immun' Âge and MICHELIN are the neighbors. Paul Ricard Testing(2009)Crash helmet of Darren Turner, looks pretty nicely.
Paul Ricard Testing(2009)Front view of New car 009. Paul Ricard Testing(2009)Rear view.
Paul Ricard Testing(2009)With legend Lagonda Techincal Advisor David, who kindly instructed me too much. Paul Ricard Testing(2009)Tool wagon of Aston Martin Racing.

Paul Ricard Testing