Nutritional Approach to Preventive Medicine by FPP

July 22nd 2010 UNESCO Paris

On July 22, the ORI held a workshop on "Nutritional Approach to Preventive Medicine by FPP" at the UNESCO, Paris. Before starting the workshop, Mr. Hayashi, president of Osato Research Institute, welcomed the members of the ORI board with his message; "In Japan, more than 23 % of the population is over 65 years old. Japan is one of the super-aging societies. In near future, the most of the country's tax revenue will have to cover the expanding medical cost. The only solution to avoid it is disease prevention. Especially it is important to prevent chronic diseases. We have been researching the relation between intravital inflammation and chronic diseases. We have found that FPP has anti-inflammatory effect and believe that FPP has big potential for disease prevention. Today, I thank you all to be here and expect good research presentations, which would lead to reduce medical costs. Lastly, I appreciate that Prof. Montagnier, the 2008 Nobel Laureate, accepted to serve as our chairman today."

Despite it was summer holiday season, 8 (out of 10) members of the board attended this workshop at UNESCO.
It started with greeting from the chairman, Prof. Montagnier, the 2008 Nobel Laureate.
Prof.Chandan from Ohio University made a presentation on FPP's effect on would healing and its mechanism, explaining why diabetic patients heal wounds poorly.
Dr. Okezie from Touro Collegeof Pharmacy-New York presented his plan of a massive-scale clinical trial of the diabetics using FPP.
Prof. Lucia from Pisa University made a presentation on her clinical trial of FPP's effect on prevention of Alzheimer disease. The study has been going on for three years. Prof. Rachmilewitz explained about hematological disorder associated with anemia from the viewpoint of oxidative stress.
They never stop discussion even during teatime.
Together with Prof. Montagnier in his room at UNESCO
It's time to go for lunch!
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