Lunch Symposium at the International Thalassaemia Conference 2008 in Singapore

At Singapore, 8 to 11, October, 2008, the 2008 International Thalassaemia Conference was held.

Osato Research Institute, from first instance, taking attention on fact that symptom of thalassaemia whichi is one of disease of blood, is remarkably exposed to serious oxidative stress, for many years, have conducted many researches in cooperation with Hadassah University, Israel, and KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Singapore.

At this time, we Osato Research Institute held lunch symposium to offer opportunity to present results of various clinical tests conducted until now, as well as results of research on Thalassaemia.
Main theme is "Protection of oxidative stress in hemoglobinopathies and in DNA damaged liver cells by Fermented Papaya Preparation (FPP)".

Started with introduction of Prof. Eliezer Rachmilewitz, Hadassah University, Israel, then, Dr. Andrew Jenner, National Sigapore University, Singapore had lecture on oxidative stress, after that, Dr. Eitan Fibach, Hadassah University, Israel conducted lecture on action of FPP against various diseases of blood, further,  closed with lecture on action of FPP against oxidative damage of DNA in liver cells by Prof. Francesco Marotta, University of Milano, Italy, in order.
We believe sincerely, that, taking opportunity of international scientific conference, holding symposiutm to offer occasion to present action of FPP to specialized doctors, therby, to some extent, reliance of FPP and our position of world medicine have been firmed more than before.



【Scientists who are researching FPP at International Thalassaemia Conference 2008】 img_research001_3.jpg
from left end,
Prof.Marotta(University of Milano)
Prof.Rachmilewitz(Edith Wolfson Medical Center, Holon-Israel)
Dr.Ivy Ng(KK Women's and Children's Hospital CEO)
Mr.Hayashi(Osato research Institute President)

Dr.Andrew Jenner, Ph.D.
(National University of Singapore)

With all of speakers of the OSATO symposium


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