Heart for JAPAN

June 10th
Barcelona, Spain SHA (
We held a press conference at the Resort Wellness Clinic. Under the chairwomanship of Princes Beatrice, Mr. Hayashi expressed his thanks for the international support of Japan including Spain, and reported on the present state of things in Japan. He emphasized the importance and economic effect of prevention for diseases as well as for natural disasters.
Wellness Clinic SHA started a treatment, using Immun'Age as one of their clinic menus this June.

June 15th to 17th
Paris, France
The 4th International Symposium for Nutrition, Oxygen Biology and Medicine was held at Campus des Cordeliers in Paris, and more than 200 doctors from the whole world, both in the field of basic study and clinical study, participated in this symposium.
At the request of President of the symposium, Osato Research Institute held a Charity Concert by a Japanese Pianist on June 16th at Maison des Arts et Métiers for the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
Ms. Makiko Hayashi, a graduate student of Osaka University's School of Medicine, made a speech both in French and English and gave the message of her father, Mr. Hayashi, President of Osato Research Institute.

June 18th to 22nd
Tokyo, Japan
The Osato Research Institute invited two French leading scientists in cooperation with the French Embassy in Japan, while there is a decrease in the number of celebrated scientists visiting Japan after the earthquake: They are Prof. Luc Montagnier, the winner of 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology, and Dr. Gerald Salama, who is known as an expert in preventive medicine.
On June 21st, at the end of the lecture titled " Status and Future Prospective of Anti-Aging Medicine" at MAISON FRANCO-JAPONAISE in Tokyo, Prof. Motagnier, as a member of O.R.I Scientific Board, handed the Osato Research Institute's "HEART FOR JAPAN FUNDS" of 1,000,000 yen to 'NPO Ashinaga'. Prof. Montagnier is worried about the children who have lost their parents in the earthquake and tsunami, and the fund will be used to build a care house for these children by 'NPO Ashinaga'. Following the lectures, we were grateful to receive donation of 35,453 yen from the audience and to send them to 'NPO Ashinaga', too.

June 25th to 26th
Nürburgring, Germany
Aston Martin, a leading British Car maker, proud of one hundred year long history and its car used for the latest Royal Wedding, stood up for Japan with Japanese flags. Aston Martin entered the race with its factory team.
The three entry cars are V12 "Zig", "Zag" and V8 VantageN24. All of the three appeared on the Nürburgring circuit with Japanese flags on their roofs, which made all the Japanese present there shed tears and appreciate their thoughtfulness.
Dr. Bez, CEO of Aston Martin, handed a £100,000 check to Mr. Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor Corporation, who has been in the same pit for 5 years.

June 27th
OSAKA University Medical School
Prof. Rachmilewitz, who is senior director of Osato Research Institute and a home doctor of Israeli prime minister, visited Japan and gave a lecture in the 4th MEET THE EXPERT in blood diseases at Osaka University Medical School held at the sponsor of Pfizer Japan Inc.
In Japan, the theme of "blood and oxidative stress" is rather new, a subject to be studied from now on, the professors at Osaka University Medical School were found, listening to his lecture with great interest.
The clinical study of Prof. Rahmilewitz was announced in the form of a treatise for FPP (Immun'Age) to control ROS (oxidative stress) in the blood of patients suffering from blood diseases and to increase the effect of GSH(glutathione), a useful enzyme or ferment for ROS simultaneously.

  • 2011.07.07

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