Community Activity ― Field Trip of Ono Kita Primary School―

On May 11, 48 active children visit the Osato Research Institute in the rain for their field trip. They are in the third grade of Ono Kita Primary School.

They were curious about our work at the laboratory and made questions one after another:
"What kind of research are you doing?"
"How many staff are working here?"
"What kind of clothes do you wear at the laboratory?"

We explained to the children that we research on how to stay healthy as we get older and how to recover from physical burden such as tough sports, etc.
We hope that some of them will take interest in science and develop their interest in the filed of science.

"One of our laboratory fellows received Nobel Prize!"  "Wow...It's great!" They were taking notes on what raised their interests.

They can not understand some difficult words, but their eyes were shining with willingness to get to know things.

They were listening to the explanation on the painting "water" of Otohiko Katagiri , which was donated to the Osato Research institute by the painter. They seemed to have enjoyed their unusual experience of visiting us, especially listening about our researches and looking at the laboratory.
We hope to see them again!
  • 2011.05.12
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