The ORI was certified as a Hospitality Business Enterprise.
There are only 4 Japanese Enterprise which have received this award

Hospitality Business Enterprise is "Enterprise which has a business model to upgrade its own quality by keep delivering desired value to its customers" *
Center for Intercultural Hospitality was founded in the year of 2000 to develop and research Hospitality Business. This year they certified 6 enterprises as the first Hospitality Business Enterprises. The ORI was chosen as one of the six enterprises among so many enterprises. The reason of this certification was "the fact that The ORI is delivering their science to contribute human health from Japan to the rest of the world".

Other enterprises which were chosen as Hospitality Business Enterprise are all powerhouse enterprises such as Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Pola Inc., The Ritz-Carlton OSAKA, and Maybach/Daimler AG. We feel honored to receive this certification.

*From the philosophy of the Center for Intercultural Hospitality

Mr. Ishimaru, president of the Center for Intercultural Hospitality introduced ORI and explained the reason of this award.

Mr. Hayashi, president of ORI, expressed his gratitude for this prestigious award.

The Certificate Plate was awarded by Mr. Gwenael Nicolas (designer).

With other representatives from the certified 6 enterprises

After the award ceremony, we made a visit to the Printing Museum of Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
The quintessence of their hospitality was there.

  • 2009.12.03
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