Urgent Message from Prof. Luc Montagnier

A interview with Prof. Luc Montagnier, who is a member of the ORI scientific advisory board, was broadcast by French news program " TF1 TV Journal".
In this interview, he explains that it is important to improve the body's immune system using immunostimulants of natural origin such as FPP in order to prevent influenza.

Regarding the influenza prevention, we received a message from Prof. Luc Montagnier.

The new virulent influenza is affecting people in Japan, too.
With low humidity, the virus works more actively.
This is an advice from Prof. Luc Montagnier as to how to be wise in our daily lives in order to prevent infection during the autum and winter flu season.


The advices of Prof. Luc Montagnier
Some little means...

Each of us is concerned - rightly - by the highly contagious transmission of the new strain of influenza virus H1 N1.

Before an efficient vaccine will be available and besides the usual hygiene precautions, I would like to share with you my own experience and that of my colleagues to prevent this infection.

Our mucus membranes of mouth, pharynx, throat, nose, are fragile, especially in a cold season. They are partly protected from invadors - viruses and bacteria - by the mucus produced and also by that of saliva. It is therefore necessary to salivate, especially during long lasting flights, in order to keep the mucus membranes wet. But in addition, I noticed myself that some products of natural origin were preserving me from respiratory infections.

The first one is a fermented preparation of Papaya fruit extract, FPP, known in Europe under the name of Immun' Âge.

A number of laboratory studies have shown that FPP is a complex mixture of natural carbohydrates and other compounds resulting of long term yeast fermentation; it has 3 main actions. It is:

→immunostimulatory, particularly at the level of mucus membranes
→inducer of anti-oxydative enzymes

FPP is distributed as a powder in sachet of 3 gr. or 4.5 gr. The powder is placed under the tongue for several minutes, in order to allow dissolution by saliva, which will activate some of its active compounds and also permit perlingual absorption. It can then be swallowed, eventually with a sip of water.

Its use is very simple. If one is potentially exposed to the virus, or if mild symptoms appear (swelling of mucus membranes, tickling of throat, nose), take immediately one sachet, a second one 6 hours later, and a third one before going to bed, all between meals.
Symptoms will disappear very rapidly. However, it is advised to continue the same regimen at least for one week.
There is no toxic effect and FPP can also be taken by diabetic persons.

The second product is a natural antioxidative compound, made of three amino-acids, glutathion. It has also detoxifying activity and is made by our organism. However, in case of infection or inflammation, oxidative stress consumes its reduced form and the internal production does not cope with the huge excess of oxidative molecules.

Therefore, it is necessary to use an orally absorbable form of active glutathione. This form is now available (Ultrathione, Thyogen orders by internet). This product can be used jointly with FPP, reinforcing the action of the latter.

It is also logical to use it in the case of fatigue, often occurring in seasonal flu. Some viral strains (H5 N1, not H1 N1 so far), do possess a virulence gene attacking mitochondria, therefore adding to a still stronger oxidative stress in the pulmonary tissues. It is thus also very appropriate to use it as complementary treatment of severe infections.

This is not the end of the "little means", still not very well know in the medical world. More to come!

But do not forget: to prevent is always better than to cure... and good luck!

Paris, le 15 août 2009


President of the World Foundation AIDS Research & Prevention
  • 2009.09.08

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