the 40th Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race


Aston Martin takes part in several 24-hour races to demonstrate their high performance and durability as GT car.
The season for the 24-hour races has arrived as they finish the severe cold winter and head into the spring in Europe.


The first race was the 40th Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race.

It was held on 19th and 20th of May at the world's toughest course, which is 25 km long with a 300-m height difference between the highest and lowest points and more than 170 curves, located 150 km northwest of Frankfurt.


The participating vehicles were wide range of 169 cars including GT3 works machines and privateer minis.

It was as if bullet trains and local trains were racing on the same circuit for 24 hours.

Because the course was so long, drivers were caught in a rain even when we had a fine weather in the pit.

The road surface of the circuit was bumpy as well as slippery due to repeated use over the years.

It was like a high-speed off-road race. On the other hand, the circuit located in a forest was so beautiful that spectators could enjoy watching the race with beer in a relaxed way.


Aston Martin is a only sport car maker in the world whose CEO, Dr. Bez, participates in this 24-hour race as a driver.

He drove road-going V12 zagato and V8 Vantage and completed the race of 3,500km in 2nd and 3rd positions in the SP8 class.

4 beauties of Aston team at Nürburgring So many So many electric cars exhibited on the theme of the environment
with drivers of V12 Zagato Good-looking V12 Zagato just before the start
Immu'Age Logo on the helmet matching the blue color of the car The body color for Nürburgring is sky blue this year. Lovely color!
We found a lovely woman in the pit. Trusted members in the pit 10 minutes before the goal Exciting moment of goal
Exciting moment of goal Delighted with the result at the end of the race with Michael, Aston Martin's sales director
On the empty circuit after the race with the hotel behind
  • 2012.07.09

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