Prof. Elizer Rachmilewitz assumed the Senior Directorship of ORI.


Head Department of Hematology The Edith Wolfson medical Center(Israel)

We are so delighted to bring in a dependable new member to the Osato Research Institute. Prof. Rachmilewits, who is considered a world authority on hematology, is assumed the position of the senior director. We expect that clinical studies of FPP would be expanded more and more all over the world. Prof. Rachmilewits is a clinical doctor who has published 271 papers in scientific journals including New England Journal of Medicine since 1963.

President of Osato Research Institute, Yuki HAYASHI


In April 2004, Prof. Rachmilewits visited Japan to visit us at the O.R.I. in Gifu. He also visited Nagoya City University, faculty of medicine, to make a presentation of his study, and also had a bit of relaxing time in KYOTO.
In August 2006, Prof. Rachmilewits made a presentation of his clinical study on the thalassemic patients at the International Society of Free Radicals held in Switzerland.
In October 2008, Prof. Rachmilewits made the first presentation to introduce FPP in the Lunch Symposium held by the Osato Research Institute at International Thalassaemia Conference 2008 in Singapore.

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