ASTON MARTIN GT4 CHALLENGE OSATO Immun'Âge Victory in the opening round

Aston Martin GT4C Challenge started the 2012 season at Silverstone on April 28.
It comprises 8 races including Le Mans (France), Spa Francorchamps (Belgium).

Osato Research Institute director Dr. Pierre Mantello and Olivier Bouche took a pole position in the qualifying round and claimed an amazing victory in the opening round at Silverstone.

Dr. Mantello had been attending an academic meeting in New York till the day before the race.
Although he is almost 60 years old, he tested Immun'Âge himself and proved the effect "Healthy Air Travel and Stress Free Driving" by overcoming jet lag and aging with the clinical trial using his own body.

Aston Martin chairman Mr. David Richards was also driving in dead heat with Dr. Pierre Mantello, but goddess of victory finally came out on lap 75 for Immun'Âge GT4 at Silverstone in a rain.

Maybe the rain was luck for a big guy Pierre, because he had a traction advantage due to his weight and it might have helped the car to be more stable. We cannot keep our eyes off the second round at Oulton Park on May 12.

Checking his beloved car before the race
Time alone with the car
He swears to himself to race for
"Heart for Japan" with the Japanese flag.
Checking the position amid the rising tension They look full of fighting split but so tranquil.
What a dignified attitude with great smile!
The race is about to start in bad weather. Racing in a rain requires concentration much more than usual.
They get very well with each other in the pit. It became a very severe race.
Very best smile just after the race Goddess of victory smiled upon for them all.
The team efforts brought us this victory.
  • 2012.05.10

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