ORI Report No.6 was issued.

It had been a long time since we had issued ORI report No. 5 in the spring of 2007. The long-awaited ORI Report No.6 are rich in content.
The top page news is the Nobel Award Ceremony 2008 where Prof. Luc Montagnier received Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Mr. Hayashi, president of ORI, and his wife and Dr. Mantello, director of ORI, were invited by Nobel committee to attend the ceremony. Mr. Hayashi made a report with many precious photos. The second page is a message from Prof. Montagnier on how to prevent influenza.
The ORI research results and activity reports are in this report.

If you wish to receive this ORI report by post, please send a message using inquiry form and type "Please send me a ORI Report No.6" in the body of the message.

  • 2009.10.28
  • Information

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