Article appeared in ACT4 Magazine

Mr. Yuki Hayashi, president of Osato Research Institute, wrote an article about three 24 hour endurance races which he joined with Aston Martin this year for "ACT 4" Magazine.

Osato Research Institute has been supporting Aston Martin Racing with Immun' Âge (FPP) since 2005 to keep drivers and mechanics in the team in good health condition.
It is mainly about the first attempt at 24-hour race of Silverstone in April by Aston Martin new CEO, Andy Palmer and great performance of Dr. Ulrich Bez who is the previous Aston Martin CEO and a Immun'Age user for 10 years at the Nürburgring 24 Hours in May.

・Front Page of ACT4Magazine

・Page 106-107 of Act 4 Vol. 67.

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