Special Lecture on Preventive Medicine
by ORI Deputy-Director Dr. Sachiko OKUDA, PhD
at Prefectural University of HIROSHIMA

On 4th of December 2017, the ORI dupty-director Dr. Sachiko OKUDA, PhD made a special lecture for 25 students at Prefectural University of HIROSHIMA Biological System Division on the theme "For Healthy Aging- Preventive Medicine and Fermented Food" .


The lecture was mainly about the ORI's approach to Preventive Medicine:
① Preventive Education ② FPP(Fermented Papaya Preparation) as a tool of preventive medicine ③Pursuit of QOL for senior generation. Also, by introducing clinical studies on FPP, she explained the connection among systems in living organism such as immune and anti-oxidant systems.

2017Hiroshima_01.jpgPoster for the special lecture 2017Hiroshima_02.jpgProf. NOSHITA introducing
Dr. Okuda,PhD, to his students
2017Hiroshima_03.jpg 2017Hiroshima_04.jpg
View of the lecture

We handed out "FPP Research Booklet Vol.1 to 4" as backup materials for deeper understanding of the lecture: Vol.1 "Role of Nitric Oxide (NO)", Vol.2 "Immunity", Vol.3 "Oxidative stress and Antioxidant" and Vol.4 "Good ROS and Bad ROS".


Front page of FPP Research Booklet Vol.1


Booklet seemed to be helpful for deeper
understanding of the lecture.

This time, we introduced various analysis methods and discussion on clinical data. Topic on clinical studies could have been new as well as difficult for students, who were not used to clinical trials involving actual patients. We hope the students would actively use the learning in their research in future.

We also reported about super-aging society in Japan. We hope they will also take a look at social issues, and utilize their knowledge more widely.
For the Osato Research Institute, education is the most important thing in preventive medicine. If you have a request for a lecture by Osato Research Institute, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2017Hiroshima_07.jpgAfter the lecture