Community Activity - Field Trip of Ono Kita Primary School -

On May 8, lively children in the third grade of Ono-Kita Primary School visited the Osato Research Institute as a part of their field trip.
We explained to them that the ORI conduct collaborative researches with overseas universities on Fermented Papaya Preparation under the theme of "Prevention of diseases" and how important to know about diseases to prevent them. Also we introduced Prof. Luc Montagnier who is a scientific advisor of ORI as well as a president of World Foundation Aids Research and Prevention and talked about Rose O.R.I.
as well.
They were taking notes so tentatively while listening and asking many questions,
"How many people are working here?", " How long have you been researching?" , " How do you conduct researches?" etc.
We also talked about fireflies which start flying near the Osato Research Institute from end of May and firefly protection project.
We hope this field trip can be a good chance to take interest in science as well as local community for them.

140508_1.jpgChildren of Ono-Kita Primary school listening intently to us at the hall of ORI

140508_2.jpgLooking all around the institute 140508_3.jpgVisiting the brook of fireflies nearby