Community Activity - Field Trip of Ono Kita Primary School

On May 13, children in the third grade of Ono-Kita Primary School visited the Osato Research Institute as a part of their field trip again this year.


We explained to them that the ORI conduct researches foods under the theme of "Prevention of diseases" and talked about familiar topics on "Prevention".

For example, we explained: we are researching how to prevent senile dementia here at Osato Research Institute. We think it is also important prevention to avoid accidents of children on the way to and from school, so we also join "Children's dial 110 Hotline" activities. It is a prevention to brush your teeth not to get cavities and it's also a prevention to protect local environment to keep comfortable life for everyone.

Once you get cavities, you would get a toothache and have to fix them which might be rather painful. In the same way, once the environment gets destroyed, nature would feel the pain and it would be a lot of work to get the environment back. We talked about the importance of prevention and the children were listening seriously.

We also talked about our firefly protection project since children at Ono-Kita Primary School will study about firefly and waterside environment when they get into 4th grade in the class for comprehensive learning. We explained that fireflies spend most of their lives in water, so it will lead to protect fireflies not to get the water dirty or not to dump garbage in the river.

After looking around other rooms, laboratory and garden full of roses in groups, they also went to see the brook near the Osato Research Institute. We recommended them to come back here with their parents at night because they can see many fireflies beautifully glittering at this time of the year. They seemed having funs while taking notes and drawing pictures with interest.

We felt invigorated by them and would like to continue more activities for local community.

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